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Jan 24, 2015
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Happy Saturday! Time to do a check in…how did we all do? Based on the email correspondence I’ve had with some of our readers it sounds like this week was a little smoother and possibly a little less hectic. That deserves a big giant collective ‘YAY!’

I have to be honest though. I tried to make this the most engaging and entertaining post of the century and I fell far from it. In fact, I re-wrote this post about a million times (a slight exaggeration but only slightly) and no matter which angle I took, I wasn’t happy with it. Finally, I decided to delete the entire thing just so I could write this statement: I have no idea what to talk about.

I’ve got nothing. There comes a time when we all have to be honest and admit that we’re running on empty and need a moment to rejuvenate and refuel. One thing I did do this week was reflect.

Reflection. Self-reflection. Looking inward at who you are and who you’ve become. Taking a moment to do a self-evaluation. Call it what you want but thinking about yourself isn’t an easy thing to do. So, why did I do it?

On a not-so-usual work day this week, I noticed a woman moving at lightning speed. She was incredibly efficient and adept. She was like a self-spinning flurry of activity and somehow managed to take care of about 20 different customers all by herself. She seemed pleasant and well-meaning but I noticed one thing: she barely interacted with anyone.

Then I had this thought: quality vs. quantity. She may have helped a lot of people in a short period of time but would they thank her for exceptional service and care? Probably not. By the same token, I could be that whirlwind at home but how would my interactions be with my family? Would I have quality interactions with my big kid when I’m trying to bake, do laundry, clean the floor, and cook at the same time? Or would she rather I pace all those life chores a little bit better so I could spend better quality time with her?

Yep, you get the idea.

So, this weekend, I’m going to make the commitment to be mindful, to be thoughtful, and not tackle too many tasks at one time. I’m going to smile a bit more, laugh a bit more, and relax a bit more.

Yes, that sounds like a decent plan don’t you think?


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