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Oct 12, 2011

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As a family, we  folks at love Japanese food. Okay, I confess, we love cooked Japanese food like the chicken teriyaki, the sushi rice, the udon noodle soups, the barbecue beef ribs, the tempura (who doesn’t love tempura?) and the only raw thing we go near is the avocado roll. We also happen to love the miso soup with little tofu chunks and seaweed. Now, my daughter is not a big fan of the seaweed but she’ll polish off the tofu and miso soup in no time flat. I wondered, really, how hard could miso soup be to make at home?
I actually googled for a video on how to make miso soup and realized I could probably wing it so long as I found a good miso paste. AH HA! This leads me to Hanamaruki White Miso Paste. Now, I have seen this miso product before on the shelves of different grocery stores but never felt compelled to try it until now. So, now that I’m feeling brave, I bought the container of Hanamaruki White Miso Paste, also called white soybean paste.

Product review: What happened?

First thing that strikes me: non GMO free soybean = awesome! Ingredients as listed on the packaging include: water, soybeans, rice, salt, and ethyl alcohol. Not bad…
I made my first batch of miso soup. How, you ask? Keep in mind, this is not your typical recipe for miso soup. This is my recipe based on what I want my kid to eat for dinner.
I used chicken thighs with the bones in, carrots, onions and garlic and let them all simmer in a big pot of water. About an hour later, I added in the tofu, let that simmer for a bit and then tasted the soup base.

The goodness is revealed

I wasn’t sure how much miso to add in but I did read the instructions carefully as well as those online: put in miso paste at the end and don’t boil it. Otherwise, the high temperature will kill the good bacteria in the miso soybean paste and may even make it curdle (ie. gross!). When I opened the container of Hanamaruki White Miso Soybean Paste, I become very aware that the miso soybean paste has a very thick and dense texture. It may be called white, but it certainly isn’t. The white only refers to the fact that white soybeans were used I presume because it had a very distinct caramel colour.
According to the instructions, I’m supposed to scoop out some of the miso soybean paste, put it in a separate little bowl, and add some of the hot soup on it to mix and loosen up the miso paste. I’m not sure if ‘loosen up’ is the right word but it will make sense to you once you do it yourself. When I put the soup on top of the teaspoon of miso paste, it just sat there like a lump. I had to physically scrape it off the spoon and blend it into the hot soup. I can only imagine if I had added a spoonful into my soup, it probably would have sat at the bottom of the pot!
Alright, the miso paste is now ready to be dumped into the soup pot and away it goes. Stir and it’s dinner time!
Stay tuned tomorrow where I’ll post part 2 of the Hanamaruki White Miso Paste saga. I know, you’re probably all hating me at this  point but hey, breaking up a post is one way to make sure loyal readers like you get the info from and know that it’s from me!
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3 comments on “Hanamaruki White Miso Paste – delicious goodness with health benefits”

  1. Eddie says:

    I love this stuff. This is my favorite brand and type of miso. Somehow it has disappeared in the past month or two. Can’t find it anywhere. Other brands just don’t have this much flavor. You wouldn’t know anything about this would you? Do you have a second favorite? Thanks — Eddie

    1. admin says:

      Hi Eddie, many thanks for your comment. Great minds think alike! I love the Hanamaruki white miso paste for my homemade miso soup at home and I hate to say it but I don’t have another favourite at this point. I still have a container of it in my fridge so I haven’t been looking to re-stock but I’m wondering if the lack of availabilty might have to do with all the environmental events that have taken place in Japan over the past little while. Sadly, the world has had so many changes environmentally so I wonder if that may have an impact. If I find another substitute, I’ll certainly let you know! Hope you’ll continue to visit our site at:

      1. admin says:

        Hi all, just wanted to give you a quick update. If you’re looking for the Hanamaruki White Miso Paste, I went to my local Loblaws this morning and saw plenty on the shelf so hopefully you’ll all be able to find it at your local grocery store too. It makes delicious miso soup. YUM…salivating just thinking about it! From the family at

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