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Oct 14, 2011

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Eep! The weather is changing and before you know it, snow will be on the ground. Here at, this mommy tries to go shopping for winter boots as quickly as possible. One thing I’ve noticed is that shoe and boot sizes and styles have become increasingly scarce as my child’s feet have gotten bigger. You would think that, as kids get older, there would be more style options and sizes available for me to choose from but it seems like the exact opposite.
I recently stumbled into a shoe store and asked if they had any winter boots in my daughter’s shoe size and when they said yes, we stormed in en masse and ended up with a pair of Bogs. Here’s my product review of these Bogs, just for our readers at

Product review: What happened?

Last year, we ended up with a pair of boots chosen because it was the best of the bad. They were the only pair we could find that she could put on independently. It had Velcro instead of laces (I mean, really people, do Junior and Senior Kindergarten teachers really have time to help all the children with their boot laces??) and at least they bent with her foot when she walked (no, I don’t want my child to walk like a robot thank you). But, I hated those boots because they had 3 Velcro straps to fasten and were so high, just below her knee. Really boot designers, think of the poor child that has to put them on. Sure, I get it, you’re making boots for a wide range of ages but you have to think of the poor child who’s on the younger end of that boot size spectrum!
So, you can imagine these new Bogs that we just bought had big expectations to fill. After last year’s boot fiasco, you know I was looking for a comfortable pair of winter boots that would keep my child’s feet warm. At the same time, I wanted a flexible pair of boots that would bend and move with my child’s feet. I mean, how else is she supposed to walk through snow if the boots won’t bend? Of course, I need them to be easy to put on so that she could put them on independently at school. Really, there is no need to tick off the teacher in the winter.
When we first put on the Bogs in her exact foot size, she complained that they were too snug on her feet so we went up a size. That seemed to make a big difference especially when you consider the thicker socks you’d have to wear on those frighteningly cold winter days. I had my daughter walk around the shoe store with the Bogs boots on just to see how they would move on her feet. The Bogs boots bent with her feet. When she squatted down, the Bogs boots moved with her. I began to see a shimmer of hope that this winter, she might just end up with a decent pair of winter boots after all.
The best part of course, was that she was able to pull those Bogs boots on and off independently. The Bogs are designed with 2 built-in handles so that the wearer can easily yank them off and on. Yep, my kid used those handles quite efficiently and so, we were sold!


The weather hasn’t been crazy enough for her to wear them yet so consider this part one of the Bogs boots review. I shall post again and let you all know how these new Bogs boots work out. For now, they seem like a good winter boot buy!
Let me end off this boot review by stating the obvious even though you know it all by heart already. This Bogs boot review is by and no one else. If you see this review anywhere else except on my site at, know that I have not consented to having any part of this product review (or this website for that matter), to be re-produced, copied, or re-printed anywhere else. It’s sad that I now have to be mindful of using such language to make sure others don’t just swipe away the material that I’ve so carefully typed up. I mean, after all, who’s the one coming up with all these opinions? Me, of course! Me, myself, and I here at thingsthatwedo dot com!
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