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Mar 23, 2013

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I used to like chips but lately chips and chocolate don’t really cut it for me. Maybe I’m just being picky or maybe I’ve just become bored. I guess that might be one benefit to having Since I’m constantly reviewing new products that would otherwise not make it in to my home, I’ve become quite blasé about all the snack foods because I feel obligated to try them out. I’m like the chef who gets home and doesn’t want to cook or the person who gets free access to all the doughnuts in the world and can’t even stand looking at them anymore. Yep, it’s come to that, hasn’t it?

Then, along came Plentils. Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Plentils because I never did until a recent excursion to my local health food store. Made by Enjoy Life, they’re crunchy lentil chips that were just unique enough that I was motivated to test them out for So, I grabbed a bag of the Plentils in light sea salt flavour and took them home with me.

Product Review: What ingredients are in Plentils?

Ask me what the ingredients are for these Plentils and it’ll be an easy answer: lentil powder, potato starch, safflower oil, salt, and turmeric. That’s it.

For a 1 oz serving, which is about 31 pieces give or take, you’ll rack up 130 calories and 9% of your daily intake of fat but it does pack about 18% of sodium as well. So, you know this is a definite item for occasional snacking only.

Having said that, not everyone can eat a regular potato chip so Plentils offer a great snack alternative especially since it’s gluten free. It also has about 40% less fat than the leading potato chip.

According to the packaging, Plentils like all Enjoy Life products, are also free of peanuts, tree nuts, sulfites, crustaceans, sesame, milk, mustard, egg, fish, and shellfish. It may sound funny to have all those items listed on the package. I mean, how could a lentil based chip possibly contain fish but let me tell you something. If your child had a severe allergy to anything on that list, you’d want to have that kind of written reassurance because you never know where the cross contamination could come from.

Food Review: How do Plentils Taste?

For this taste test, I picked out a bag of Plentils in the light sea salt flavour. The entire family got involved and the results were very positive. My child (7 years) loved the Plentils and so did I. Even the hubby who’s not in to trying different types of chips gave these Plentils a shot and liked them enough to go for a second helping.

The Plentils are delectably crispy, crunchy rectangular lentil chips that pack a lot of flavour. Anyone remotely aversive to lentils would love these Plentils, that’s how good they are. If you’ve eaten Munchos in the past and liked that aerated potato chip kind of texture, then you’ll love these Plentils. Plentils remind me of the Munchos except they’re not as salty and they’re slightly thicker with better flavour. Having said that, I would ask Enjoy Life to reduce the salt content of the sea salt flavoured Plentils because I still find them too salty. In fact, if Enjoy Life was really smart, I’d come up with an unsalted version because then I’d happily eat the whole bag in one sitting with no regrets at all.

The Plentils are a sturdy enough chip that I think you could also pair them with tomato soup, a gazpacho, or even with a salsa dip or guacamole. Yum…they should make a lime flavoured Plentils pack. That would be yummy too.


Okay Enjoy Life, you got me hooked on your mini chocolate chips which were fabulous and now I think you’ve got me hooked on your Plentils. I’d choose these Plentils over regular potato chips any day. The Plentils really surprised me and I’m sold on the flavour and texture. I hope Enjoy Life comes out with a no salt Plentils because that would make me really happy and would tap in to a completely new market of consumers who are looking for a sodium free snack. For now, I’m happy to have discovered Plentils even if I don’t plan to eat it all the time!


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