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What do you see? Do you see a couple of paint lids and a paint brush? Yes, most adults would see this. Now, if you’re an 8 year old child, you see an experiment. Rewind to last night and both paint lids contained water, leftover from a painting project. As my big kid was in the midst of tidying up, she asked if she could leave the water in the paint lids.

I, as the curious parent, asked, “Why?”
Big kid response, “I’m going to do an experiment to see what happens to the water overnight.”
Her prediction: that the water would evaporate.

This recent experiment was fueled by the work she was doing in school. Her class had just finished doing a unit on the water cycle and at that moment she wanted to do her own water experiment so of course, I agreed.

Sure enough, the water is no where to be seen the next day thus providing further evidence that water does indeed evaporate. More importantly though, in this one small instance a child’s scientific curiosity was nurtured which may lead to subsequent scientific discoveries and opportunities for child directed learning.

Enough said. 🙂

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