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Aug 9, 2012

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I have finally gotten around to doing this review on the PC Blue Menu Key Lime Sherbet. It came as a direct request from a colleague of mine who is absolutely addicted to it and demanded that I test it out. I actually think she threatened to attack me with post it notes if I didn’t. Since the days are still hot and my freezer is looking bare, I decided to do this product review because quite honestly, threat of sticky note ambush is always looming at work until I do this taste test.

Taste Test: PC Blue Menu Key Lime Sherbet

For what it’s worth, I have absolutely nothing against PC Blue Menu Key Lime Sherbet. In fact, last year, we did a product taste test of the raspberry sherbet that was part of the same product line which is probably why I didn’t really want to do this review. After all, it’s from the same line and if I liked the raspberry sherbet, I figured I’d like this PC Blue Menu Key Lime Sherbet too so what’s there to review?

The nice thing about this PC Blue Menu Key Lime Sherbet is that there are no artificial flavours or colours in it. That’s one of the newest goals of the Loblaws company which I’m grateful for. At the same time, the ‘ose’ in glucose and dextrose does show up a number of times as you can see from the image of the ingredient list that I’ve included with this post.

Next comes the taste test: so I open the PC Blue Menu Key Lime Sherbet and am instantly greeted by a pure white vision of icy coldness. Thank goodness it isn’t radioactive green or some other type of concoction so I liked that it was just white.

As for taste, I have to say that I actually like it more than the PC raspberry sherbet because it was refreshingly tart and tangy. It almost seemed less sweet than that PC raspberry sherbet. After a filling meal, this PC Blue Menu Key Lime Sherbet really does hit the spot and is certainly a lighter dessert than ice cream. I have to admit though, that at times, I almost thought the key lime flavour tasted a little too contrived but overall, it was a nice cold treat. Would I call it addictive? Not necessarily but I can see why my colleague is so in love with it. Having the PC Blue Menu Key Lime Sherbet around is certainly a nice change from conventional vanilla and chocolate.


In the last few remaining weeks before summer holidays are officially over, feel free to grab yourself a tub of this PC Blue Menu Key Lime Sherbet. If you love tart and tangy, you’ll probably really enjoy the PC Blue Menu Key Lime Sherbet. Mind you, I’d be equally happy with an ice cold glass of water with a ton of lime squeezed in it too so it really is a matter of personal taste and preference. Is it yummy? Yep, it’s not bad at all but hey, I don’t have to love everything my colleagues do, right? At least now, I won’t have to worry about any sudden sticky note attacks. 😉

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