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Mar 4, 2012

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As I get older, I become more conscientious about what I’m putting out into the environment. As a somewhat informed parent and consumer, I try to find solutions for our home that won’t put too tight a strain on our finances but at the same time are healthier options for our family. For example, I’ve stopped buying canned products which instantly reduces the amount of BPA getting into my home. I buy dried chickpeas and soak them instead of resorting to canned chickpeas (click here to read my past blog about this).  I try to buy organic and/or locally grown whenever possible and I think more carefully about what our family wants vs. what our family needs.  Thus, even when it comes down to our dish washing liquid, I decided to give the Nature Clean dish washing liquid a try. I recently saw it on sale at my local Loblaws and decided to buy it since I happen to also like their fruit and veggie wash concentrate. From a brand I trust, it seemed like a good idea to put this Nature Clean dish washing liquid to the test for

Product Review: What Happened?

Now, for those of you who follow my mommy blog, you know I’ve mentioned before that I’m no chemist by any means but I am more aware that there are certain chemicals in cleaning products that I really don’t need in my family’s life. That perhaps is why I find the Nature Clean dish washing liquid so appealing. Visit their site and you learn a lot more about the science behind their choices for certain ingredients that go into the dish washing liquid.

For one, the Nature Clean dish washing liquid uses essential oils, not synthetic fragrances which can contain phthalates (yuck!). Nature Clean has intentionally chosen essential oils that have antiseptic and aromatherapeutic characteristics (awesome!). From the get go, I have to let you all know that Nature Clean gives you advance warning that you won’t get as many soap bubbles with its dishwashing liquid because they avoid using Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) which is the chemical used by many companies to make those suds. However, it is possibly carcinogenic (awful!) and their list goes on and the more I read, the more freaked  out I get so even before using the Nature Clean dish washing liquid, I already feel better knowing that I made this purchase for our home.

We decided to buy the Nature Clean dish washing liquid in lavender and tea tree mainly because we like the smell of lavender (remember: we also bought the Green Beaver lavender soap). We’ve used the Nature Clean dish washing liquid for about a month now and so far, it’s been working effectively in the kitchen to clean the dirty dishes, pots, and pans. Now, I know Nature Clean told me in advance that there wouldn’t be as many suds because it doesn’t use Sodium Laureth Sulfate but truthfully, I didn’t notice or miss the difference. I used the Nature Clean dish washing liquid, I scrub the dishes, and I get suds and my dishes come out clean. More importantly, I feel confident to let my child help with the dishes now because it’s safe for her to use. Prior to, I’d give her other kitchen tasks because I didn’t like the idea of her skin coming into contact with the harsh chemicals in the dish soap. For her, the Nature Clean dish washing liquid is the go-to dish washing liquid and she uses it whenever she’s in the kitchen. She uses it to wash her hands before we do any baking or cooking and it’s reassuring to know that it’s a better alternative for her.

On top of all that, the Nature Clean dish washing liquid happens to smell really good. The Nature Clean dish washing liquid in lavender and tea tree has a refreshing scent that livens up the kitchen and it doesn’t smell manufactured at all. It smells as lavender and tea tree should.


I’d have to say that purchasing the Nature Clean dish washing liquid for our home was a very smart choice to make. However, I do recognize that this product is noticeably more expensive than other brands so I’d wait for it to go on sale and then stock up. Depending on funds in the home, I might augment by using the other brands when I can’t find a sale but for sure, I’d keep one on hand at all times so my child could use it whenever she’s helping out in the kitchen. The Nature Clean dish washing liquid also doesn’t seem to dry out my hands which is another major bonus, especially in the long winter months!

Let me end off this Nature Clean dish washing liquid review by stating the obvious. This review is by and no one else. This is my opinion of Nature Clean dish washing liquid and no one else’s.  As a mommy blogger, I write from my perspective based on how my family uses the product. If you see this post anywhere else except on my site at, know that I have not consented to having any part of this review (or this website for that matter), to be re-produced, copied, or re-printed anywhere else. It’s sad that I now have to be mindful of using such language to make sure others don’t just swipe away the material that I’ve so carefully typed up. I mean, after all, who’s the one coming up with all these opinions? Me, of course! Me, myself, and I here at thingsthatwedo dot com!

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2 comments on “Cleaning dishes with Nature clean dishwashing liquid: a better choice”

  1. Dishwashing Liquid says:

    Good post. I use Eco Friendly Dishwashing Liquid sometime. This product Extreme Green Dishwashing Liquid is an extremely concentrated,hand dishwashing detergent for use in hotels,at home,businesses and as a general purpose detergent.Thank you !!!!

    1. admin says:

      Hello there and thank you for making me aware of other Green cleaning products that are available in the market. To date, I’ve really only tried the Nature Clean dishwashing liquid and it’s still in our home. We love it and it seems to be quite effective at cutting the grease on plates and pots. Hope you visit our site again! From the family at:

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