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Aug 28, 2013

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I’m not much of a chocolate fan. It’s not that I don’t eat it but chocolate isn’t something I can polish off in one sitting. I used to, you know, eat the whole chocolate bar and wish for more but somewhere along the way my love for chocolate waned. I might open a chocolate bar, take a bite, and then the poor thing sits there unloved until it’s time to throw it out.

Enter Green and Black’s Organic milk chocolate. See this cute little tiny bar that I got at a recent event. Given that I haven’t tested a chocolate product in a while, Green and Black’s Organic milk chocolate seems like the perfect test subject. It was free and certainly small enough that it won’t go completely to waste.

If you’ve never had Green and Black’s Organic milk chocolate, now might be the time to try it.

Product Review: What are the ingredients in the Green and Black’s Organic milk chocolate?

Green and Black’s Organic milk chocolate is made with the following ingredients: organic raw cane sugar, organic whole milk powder, organic cocoa butter, organic cocoa mass, organic cream powder, emulsifier (soya lecithin), and organic vanilla extract.

Hm…love that most of the ingredients are organic and that they’re fair trade as well. Not sure if it makes a different that milk powder is used instead of regular milk. Not sure if that was a culinary choice or a cost choice but so far, this ingredient list is looking pretty decent especially when you compare it to the more generic big names that are in the chocolate market.

Product Review: How does Green and Black’s Organic milk chocolate taste?

I unwrapped Green and Black’s Organic milk chocolate and the first thing my daughter and I noticed was how incredibly cute this little bar is.

For this taste test, my daughter and I both got involved since she’s recently acquired an appreciation for chocolate. We both tasted Green and Black’s Organic milk chocolate and the results are in.

Both my daughter and I really liked Green and Black’s Organic milk chocolate. It was rich, creamy, and smooth and not excessively sweet despite the fact that organic raw cane sugar is the first ingredient. It tastes exactly as milk chocolate should: creamy, smooth, velvety and not at all artificial. Between my daughter and I we finished the little wee Green and Black’s Organic milk chocolate bar and I’m pretty sure we were both quite happy afterwards!


Maybe I’ve been approaching chocolate in the wrong way. Maybe, I just need smaller bars of chocolate that I can enjoy and savour.


That’s not it. Although I liked that first bite of Green and Black’s Organic milk chocolate, I pretty much was done with it after the second bite. My daughter graciously finished the rest of the chocolate bar for me.

Now, if you’re a chocolate lover and you adore milk chocolate, then you should really treat yourself and try Green and Black’s Organic milk chocolate because if I liked it, I’m sure you’ll like it a million times more than I did!


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