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Oct 2, 2011

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As a parent, I am constantly in search of a bag that will do everything I want it to: carry all the little treats and things I need for my child, from chapstick to tissues to cleaning wipes to hand sanitizer to bandages to a book to a snack to a drink to anything else I can think of. You get the idea. Thus, my ideal bag would also be one that is light weight and sturdy to begin with. After all, if it weighs a ton before I even put anything in it, it’ll weigh a gazillion tons by the time I’m done filling it!
When I recently came across the Envirosax product line, I had hopes that this Envirosax Slingsax bag might just be the bag for me. It was made of a lightweight material and being a sling type bag, I could wear it diagonally across my body which would free up both hands (i.e. one for coffee and one to hold my child’s hand). Now, the question is: is the Envirosax Slingsax bag any good for a busy parent?

How does the Envirosax Slingsax bag feel?

So, here’s my product review of the Envirosax Slingsax bag. I have now used this Envirosax Slingsax bag for a few weeks so I feel comfortable in giving you this review. The Envirosax Slingsax bag is made of a special Envirosax RPET fabric which really is lightweight and sturdy. I have to be honest though that the texture of the Envirosax RPET fabric is a little rougher than I expected. Imagine a stiffer, sturdier nylon bag. Now this isn’t a bad thing but it does take some getting used to because when I first started wearing the Envirosax Slingsax bag, I found it a little irritating around the neck area particularly when it came into direct contact with my skin. I still prefer to keep the strap on my shirt and away from my skin. It ALMOST feels like it’s going to chafe.

How do you assemble the Envirosax Slingsax bag?

When it’s not in use, the Envirosax Slingsax bag does roll up into a very neat little compact size that can fit easily into any other bag you might have. Once you unroll it, the Envirosax Slingsax bag is designed with 2 separate straps that you can tie together which in theory, gives you the freedom to tie it to the desired length of the wearer. In actual fact however, I found this slightly annoying.
The first time I tried to tie the Envirosax Slingsax bag straps together, it took me forever to try and figure out how best to tie it without having the tied ends stick up like bunny ears near my face! If you tie the knot right up to sit on your shoulder, I find that starts to pinch after a few hours so for me, the best place to have the knot is in the front so I end up making a little bow with the end pieces. This sounds cute until you wear a patterned shirt and then it looks ridiculous. For me, this Envirosax Slingsax bag works best if you’re wearing a plain old shirt because the bunny ears at the end of the knot are distracting.

Is the Envirosax Slingsax bag Functional?

Does the Envirosax Slingsax bag work for me the everyday busy parent? Well, to its credit, there is one large compartment in the middle that could easily fit whatever you wanted inside of it. The way the Envirosax Slingsax bag is designed, you end up with 2 additional pockets that can be used to hold smaller items.
However, the Envirosax Slingsax bag does not have any zippered compartments and the 2 additional pockets are so deep and big that I often have trouble finding what I want in them. I end up shoving a folder or another bag inside the large compartment just so I can find things a little more easily. It definitely takes me some time to locate the chapstick, hand sanitizer, cell phone, and keys. The pockets are just too deep to do any good for me. Without zippers, everything that is in the bag sloshes around in one happy chaotic mix.


The Envirosax Slingsax bag isn’t great but it’s not terrible either. I can see that it could be useful for holding very specific items (e.g. just the diapers, change pad, and cream) or larger items (all the library books that are going back to the library and maybe just the library card in one pouch). But, this would mean you’d need something else to carry everything else that you would be carrying anyway!
I think what I have a problem with is that the Envirosax Slingsax bag is marketed as a bag for the busy urban dweller that needs to be mobile with both hands free to navigate their busy hub bub urban life. So, I live in the city and even if I didn’t have a child and I wasn’t a parent, how am I supposed to navigate and get around if I can’t find anything in my bag? Sure, the middle compartment is huge and would fit all the files I’d want to take home from work but that’s about it and there’s no zipper closure so they’d get wet in the rain anyway.
So, would I continue to use my Envirosax Slingsax bag? Yes, sometimes but only because I spent the money on it anyway and I got it on sale and can’t be bothered to return it. But, now that I know how it works, I would never pay full price for it. It’s not hugely expensive by any means, but honestly, it’s not as functional as I want it to be. With a few modifications (e.g. adding my own folders and holders), I’ll be able to use this bag but I really wish I could find a light weight bag that would hold everything for me without making it one mashed up mess!
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2 comments on “Buying an Envirosax Slingsax bag – is the Envirosax Slingsax any good?”

  1. Angeline-Marie says:

    Best use seems to be for groceries, or emergency shopping trips. That there are no zippers is a huge minus for me. The bunny-ears-syndrome was something I was worried about before purchasing, too.
    I would sew the straps together, but don’t have the time if I were to purchase. Same for adding a zipper.
    Thank you for the very thorough review.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Angeline-Marie, agreed on all accounts! I purchased this Envirosax slingsax bag with such good intentions but really, I think I’ve only used it a handful of times and it’s currently rolled up and sitting on a shelf. I haven’t sewn the loose straps together because I think that possibly, the separate ends on the Envirosax slingsax bag should technically allow me to alter it to different lengths depending on what I want to carry. However, I haven’t untied the first knot that I put in and I still haven’t found a comfortable spot for that knot which can also clash with what you’re wearing on a certain day. It’s too bad the Envirosax slingsax bag doesn’t come with a built in zipper because it would make it so much more user friendly but my guess is that the zipper would probably separate from the bag over time just given the texture of the Envirosax slingsax bag. Velcro, perhaps? But again, that’s not part of it either.
      So, yes, the Envirosax slingsax bag is really just a great idea in theory for those sudden trips that you just so happen to have it in your bag although I am leaning towards the regular Envirosax bags for that. Who knows, maybe they’ll come up with a new design!
      Thanks so much for your comment! It’s so rewarding to know someone thought my review was worth the read. All the best and hope you’ll visit our site again soon. From Jenna,

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