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Dec 22, 2012

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Just a few days ago, I did a product review on the Oreo Wafer Stix which completely grossed me out to almost all things chocolate. The extensively weird ingredient list just completely bothered me. It’s bad enough that I’m not a big fan of chocolate and those Oreo Wafer Stix sent me through the roof and I didn’t even try them!

After calming my gag reflex, I reflected on the demise of the chocolate world and realized that surely, there must be some decent chocolate out there that isn’t laced with unknown oddities that I can’t pronounce. Surely, there must be some form of chocolate that I’d be okay with my kid eating. Even though she isn’t a super huge fan of chocolate, I would like the option of making chocolate chip cookies without having to feel like I’m damaging my innards.

What do I do? I take a stroll to my local health food store because if anyone is going to have something decent to offer me, it would be them. If they don’t have what I’m looking for, then I know the chocolate world is doomed and before you read any further, let me be clear: I’m not talking about tasty yummy chocolate because you can achieve tasty yummy chocolate even with subpar unidentifiable creepy ingredients (I’m sure the Oreo Wafer Stix are yummy but that doesn’t mean I should put it into my intestines). What I’m referring to is naturally made chocolate with ingredients I can pronounce that will still taste good.

Lo and behold, I stumbled onto the Enjoy Life brand of chocolate. I found a bag of Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips. Wait until you see what these little guys are made of!

Product Review: What are the ingredients in the Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips?

Call me crazy but take a look at the image and read the ingredient list for yourself. These Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips are made with the following ingredients: brown sugar, cocoa mass, and cocoa butter. That’s it. I’m sorry, did I stun you? Did I just hear your jaw drop to the floor? Were your eyes trying to find the rest of that ingredient list? Well, there is nothing else in these Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips beyond those 3 ingredients. Wow, I’m shocked. It is possible to find chocolate that is simply made.

When you visit the website, you’ll notice that the ingredients are listed a little differently than those on my package. The main reason for this? Well, I took the initiative to contact Enjoy Life and they were gracious enough to provide me with all the vitals. As it turns out, the website lists the ingredients as they appear in the United States.  Since I’m in Canada, the Canadian packaging does in fact read differently due to differences in country food regulations. In the US, the ingredients are listed as: Evaporated Cane Juice, Natural Chocolate Liquor (Non-Alcoholic), Non-Dairy Cocoa Butter.

Staff at Enjoy Life did confirm for me that their mini chocolate chips are made with the exact same ingredients and are in fact the exact same product. So, whether you have their Mini Chips with USA packaging or with Canadian packaging, you get the exact same product with the same ingredients. Thus, on the Canadian packaging, “brown sugar” is listed as “evaporated cane juice” in the US.  The “cocoa mass” is “chocolate liquor (non-alcoholic)”  in the US and the “cocoa butter” is “non-dairy cocoa butter” in the US.  A big thank you to Enjoy Life for clarifying this for us!

Product Review: how does Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips taste?

For this product test, I used the Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips in three different ways. First, my daughter and I (it is kid tested) tried the Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips plain straight out of the bag. Then, we tried them in a chocolate chip cookie recipe and finally, we made chocolate chip pancakes with them. Here is what we discovered.

My daughter seemed to like the Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips in all three different tests. She liked them plain out of the bag; she liked them in the chocolate chip cookies and in the pancakes. She particularly loved them in the chocolate chip cookies and would often yell, “Jackpot!” when she got a cookie that had an extra load of chocolate chips.

For me, I didn’t really like the Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips plain out of the bag. I found the Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips didn’t melt in my mouth the way I’d want my chocolate to melt. They’re a little hard and it takes a little longer for them to start to dissolve. However, that might be because my brain is thinking of milk chocolate which tends to have more of that consistency. I’m not going to fault the Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips on this since I also don’t know what to expect from a chocolate chip that is only made with brown sugar, cocoa mass, and cocoa butter. For all I know, my body is just more familiar with the way icky chocolate dissolves.

The Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips were delicious in the chocolate chip cookies that we made as well as the chocolate chip pancakes. The Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips melted as you’d expect chocolate to melt so when my daughter and I bit into the warm chocolate chip cookies, they were perfectly gooey and oh so delicious. They tasted just like chocolate chips should as were absolutely perfect in the cookies and in the pancakes.


I promise to share the chocolate chip cookie recipe as well as the chocolate chip pancake recipe in upcoming posts. For now, allow me to spend a few moments telling you how great these Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips were.

Honestly, I know little about chocolate and all of you readers for know that I’m also not a big fan of chocolate. However, I can recognize a quality product when I see one. I appreciate the simplicity of the ingredients that were used in the Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips. It’s rare to find chocolate made with so few ingredients that I can indeed pronounce and know what they are.

Do I think the Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips are worth the extra cost? Absolutely. Why? Well, for one thing, a bag of Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips will last you for several uses so the cost of one quality bag spreads over more uses and makes it more cost efficient. On top of that, Enjoy Life products are gluten-free, free of the top 8 food allergens which mean they never use any wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, or shellfish in any of their products. Best of all, all of their 28 products were recently verified GMO-free (yet another bit of info I recently learned which is super awesome!).

Put that all together and I’d much rather pay for a quality product than use subpar questionable stuff. The world already has too many chemicals floating around so why expose my body to more than is necessary? If you’re feeling adventurous, I highly recommend giving the Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips a test run for your next batch of chocolate chip cookies. I think you’d be quite impressed!

For more details, visit the Enjoy Life website by clicking here.


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