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Aug 21, 2012

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If you’ve been following, you know we’ve been trying to feature more health conscious alternatives to the daily grind of family life.  I mean, the world is getting more complicated and food choices are one thing that I still have some control of. Recently, on a typical grocery shopping trip, I stumbled on to a new company and a new kind of bread that I’d never seen before.

Allow me to introduce you to Mack’s Flax bread. Have you ever seen it in your grocery store? I certainly hadn’t prior to this trip. It looked enticing and featured some really great characteristics so I couldn’t resist and had to pick it up for today’s product review. I mean, we all know that breakfast plays a big part of your day’s success. Imagine finding something healthy and substantial that you could enjoy every breakfast and feel good eating it. Does that even exist in today’s world? What makes Mack’s Flax so different?

Product Revew: What is Mack’s Flax bread?

Okay, so you’re probably thinking, bread is bread is bread. Well, I can tell you one thing, all bread is not made equal. Since I’ve become a label reader, I have noticed distinct differences between brands of breads and while I can’t always figure out what the ingredients are, I have decided that simpler is best. I’d much rather buy bread that doesn’t have any fillers or preservatives or other additives in it because really, do I need my bread to last for 4 years on my kitchen counter??

Check this out, this Mack’s Flax bread made by Silver Hills Bakery is made with organic whole sprouted wheat*, organic flax (organic whole flax seeds*, organic ground flax seeds*), water, organic cane sugar*, vital wheat gluten, yeast, sea salt, cultured wheat, and citric acid. (*Certified Organic; May contain tree nuts, soy and sesame seeds.)

Did you notice the difference? Did you catch it? I sure did. At the grocery store, I did one of those, “SPROUTED?” Call me a novice bread label reader but I had no idea until I picked up the Mack’s Flax bread that you could even make bread with sprouted grains. I think this is the point where the light bulb goes on in my very dim brain and I realize I’ve been missing something vital in my morning routine.

So, I read the Mack’s Flax bread packaging carefully and I learn that Silver Hills Bakery grains aren’t ground in the conventional way and are made from sprouted 100% organic whole grains. Apparently, when you do it this way, Silver Hills Bakery is able to retain the nutrition and fibre of the entire living kernel. Now, I’m no scientist so I don’t get all the science behind it, but it certainly sounds incredibly promising and is giving me hope that I may have found something really really good for breakfast.  I can’t even begin to explain all the goodies and health benefits that are listed on the package so I’m just going to ask you to look at the images I’ve included. Take a good good look and see the difference of this Mack’s Flax bread. Does your bread do all this?

I read a little further and guess what? This Mack’s Flax bread made by Silver Hills Bakery also happens to be vegan (as are their other breads), they’re kosher, and get this. The breads by Silver Hills Bakery are packaged in biodegradable bags! Now, folks, you have to admit that that is super duper incredibly awesome holy moly cool when you then combine that with all the goodies I’ve mentioned. Oh and get this, the Mack’s Flax bread has no oil, no preservatives, no additives, no stabilizers, no eggs, no dairy, and nothing genetically modified. I think this is where I passed out and fainted because I was too overwhelmed by the good news.

Taste Test: So, how does Mack’s Flax bread taste?

Good ingredients is one thing, taste is a whole other matter. If it doesn’t taste good, there’s virtually no point in eating it. So, I opened up the bag of Mack’s Flax bread made by Silver Hills Bakery for a taste test among the family.

At the time of this product test, only my husband and I ate it because my kid was heavily involved in some homemade pancakes and was not about to be swayed (I’ll show you guys why in another post). My kid did have an immediate reaction to the Mack’s Flax bread though. As soon as I opened the bag of Mack’s Flax bread made by Silver Hills Bakery, she caught a smell of it and said quite enthusiastically, “MMmmm, that smells good!” For the record, my kid does not always say bread smells good. So, I have to give credit to Mack’s Flax bread made by Silver Hills Bakery where credit is due.

I took the Mack’s Flax bread out and looked at it. It has the same shape as other types of bread but there is a notable difference in its look and texture. I’m intrigued so we toast it up and my husband and I each tried out 2 slices of the Mack’s Flax bread. I had mine with organic peanut butter and honey (obviously) and the husband tried one slice with some butter and jam and another slice with peanut butter and honey.

So, how does the Mack’s Flax bread taste? My husband was the first to try and he immediately sounded surprised and nodded his head. He was surprised because the Mack’s Flax bread looks and holds up the same way as a regular slice of bread but the texture is like nothing else we’ve ever had before. He said it was light yet dense at the same time. The Mack’s Flax bread was filling and satisfying. Now, this is tall order for Silver Hills Bakery to do because my husband often complains that bread alone just doesn’t cut it for him. He’ll often complain that 2 slices does nothing, even if it does have peanut butter with them. For him to feel satisfied after eating only one slice of Mack’s Flax bread with peanut butter and honey (and not 2 slices), well, that says a lot about its quality.

Now it’s my turn and I take a bite of my Mack’s Flax bread and I immediately get what the husband is saying. Bite into the Mack’s Flax bread and you’re instantly introduced to a rich flavourful chewy texture that’s light yet dense. It almost reminds me of biting into some really really good pasta that has that al dente chew to it. Each mouthful of Mack’s Flax bread that I ate required a solid chew but it wasn’t stiff. The Mack’s Flax bread just had this really really awesome texture almost like a rye bread. I apologize to Silver Hills Bakery for not having the vocabulary to explain myself any better. All I know is that after eating my two slices of Mack’s Flax bread, I was more than satisfied. I felt good, healthy, and incredibly happy.


I officially think that Mack’s Flax bread by Silver Hills Bakery has made my life miserable from here on in. I am devoted to testing new products out for, so I’ll continue to do product testing on other new types of breads that I come across but I know my fridge will have a loaf of Mack’s Flax bread in there waiting for me.

All kidding aside, here is a big thank you to Silver Hills Bakery for thinking outside the conventional ‘let me load up this loaf of bread with as much junk as I can’ bread mentality. Sure, this Mack’s Flax bread by Silver Hills Bakery cost me a bit more to buy (it was $4.99) and it might seem steep for some families. I totally understand that. At the same time, our family has made a more conscious effort to watch what we eat. Maybe we won’t travel as much or maybe we won’t buy as much of the ‘wants’ in our lives. It’s a tough decision for all families to make, especially during times like these but if you can, try to get your hands on a loaf of Mack’s Flax bread by Silver Hills Bakery (maybe on sale, if you can find it). I know I’ll be keeping my eyes open!

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2 comments on “A New Kind of Bread: Have you heard of Mack’s Flax?”

  1. Deb says:

    If you like Mack’s Flax wait till you try their Steady Eddy or King’s Bread (made with Kamut flour), Big 16 or Marvelous Muti!! They are ALL fantastic, tasty, healthy and just plain delicious while being good for you at the same time! Nothing short of amazing and only 2 slices needed to satisfy a hungry teenager or fatigued husband. You will never go back to “cocoa fluff” again.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Deb, thanks for your comment. Mack’s Flax is our current fave for breakfast! It is absolutely the yummiest thing we’ve tried in a long time and seems to hold up well to everything we throw at it. My kid just likes eating Mack’s Flax plain! Thanks for the heads up on the other breads too. Will give them a shout and you’re right. Once you’ve had the good stuff, you simply can’t back to ‘pretend bread’. Best, Jenna at

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