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Jul 30, 2017 - taste of nature chocolate pecan brownie granola

You know I’m not much of a chocolate fan but I was intrigued by these Taste of Nature granola bars because they’re organic and non-GMO. They also happened to be on sale so it was a good excuse to test them out.

Questions in my head as I picked up the box – would they be too sweet, would they taste good, would they be worth the money I spent (even on sale)?

Well, let’s just see, shall we?

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Jul 24, 2017
Posted in: Thoughts

You knew something was wrong when I didn’t post about it, right? Yep, I’m still partially in denial but I think I’m okay talking about it.

Have no idea what I’m talking about? Well, to put it lightly, Avi has decided it’s time for him to find a different pace in his life and has moved on from the group. Truth be told, it was likely to happen at some point. You could almost sense it.
I would never wish it upon the group but as their fame grew, you can just imagine how much more grueling their schedule became and unlike other singers, I personally think it must have been extra taxing since there are no other external instruments to support their craft. After a while, it takes its toll and there comes a time when decisions are made to adjust and alter life patterns. Hey, I’m not Avi so this is just my personal opinion but no matter what, I will always adore Pentatonix and the music they created.


I’m sure we can all relate to some extent (hello, work life!). I mean, I’m exhausted after a dinner with just a few friends!

While I take this moment to publically acknowledge that Pentatonix is not the same as it once was, enjoy this cool little compilation I found online posted by PTXperience. My favourite Pentatonix performances were always those off mic moments when they just sang – no big stage production, no crazy light shows, just them.


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Jul 17, 2017 - neal brothers foods honey mustard pretzels

I have to admit, pretzel bites are pretty tasty. They’re crunchy and savoury (okay, a tad too salty) but tasty they are (with a giant glass of water to compensate). Move over potato chips, I’m in love with these bite size little pretzel bits. They’re crunchy and flavourful and you only need a little bit to feel happy and satisfied.

I was at my local grocery store and picked up this bag of Neal Brothers Foods Honey Mustard Pretzels. I’ve had other Neal Brothers Foods products before and wanted to see how these would fare compared to my usual preferred brand.

Any guesses?

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Jul 14, 2017 pic - product recall 2015 pic

Product recalls…I haven’t posted about them much recently. They used to be an ongoing feature at and with time and hopes that interested folk would sign up to receive those recalls directly, I’ve slowly reduced its existence on the site. Ever now and again, they make an appearance. Today is one of those days.

Have a read of a few recalls I’ve come across over the past week or so and remember to sign up with the appropriate websites to get such product recall updates directly in your inbox.

Wait, how about a little bit of reading material?

From the FDA – “How to Safely Use Nail Care Products” Once upon a time, I used to paint my own nails and chose crazy cool colours. I focused less on ingredient lists back then and well, one day I took a look at my nails and didn’t like what I saw. Since then, my little digits remain neutral and happy. With summer in full swing, I thought this was an interesting read from the FDA.

Another interesting read from the FDA – “Barbecue Basics: Tips to Prevent Foodborne Illness“. Hey, a few reminders are always good!

Okay, on to recalls:

In Canada and the U.S. – TOMY recalls Lamaze Munching Max
Reason for recall: Laceration HazardClick here for more details

In Canada – President’s Choice brand Pub Recipe Chicken Nuggets
Reason for recall:
Salmonella Click here for more details

In Canada – Reeves International, Inc. recalls Paulinda Super Dough
Reason for recall: Chemical HazardClick here for more details

In Canada – PPG Architectural Coatings Canada Inc. recalls Polyprep Cleaner Powder and SICO Cleaner Powder
Reason for recall: Chemical hazard. Click here for more details

In Canada: Caramia Furniture recalls Veronic and Carrera 3 in 1 Convertible Cribs
Reason for recall: Product safety Click here for more details


Remember, I can only give you a snapshot of all the recalls that come out. Be vigilant and make sure you go directly to the source!

Health Canada – how to report a consumer product. If you experience an incident with a consumer product, you need to know how to report it. Click here to read more.

In the United States, How to Report Product Problems and Complaints to the FDA Click here to read more.

Problems with E-Cigarettes, Vape Products, Hookah, Cigarettes or Tobacco? Tell FDA

Stay tuned to We’ll continue to keep you all posted of product recalls and safety tips!

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