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Jun 26, 2017
Posted in: Thoughts pic - nature

Yes, I admit, it has been a while! I certainly haven’t been procrastinating but well, life just got a little busier than usual so I had to focus more on the ‘must do’s while putting the ‘I want to do’s on the backburner for a bit. That was probably the biggest lesson I had to learn: that it’s okay if I can’t do everything that I want to. With a finite number of hours in a day, there’s a limit to what I can do without losing who I am.

Can you tell I’m a bit of a perfectionist? That’s part of the reason why I post the way I do for – to intentionally post spontaneously with minimal edits to the written dialogue so that it can be as authentic as possible.  It’s been a while but hopefully I’ll be able to post a bit more often now that things are cooling off a bit. I actually have time to do this little mishmash post.  – Continue Reading

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