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Jan 30, 2016 - baby jade plant jan 2016

I love plants but I know I don’t have the perfect green thumb. Actually, I don’t even think I technically have green thumb but I do manage to keep a lot of plants alive and well. I attribute that more to their resiliency than anything else. If they’re able to survive and thrive despite my lack of green thumbness, well, that’s quite the feat.

You see, I’m also a little accident prone. I walk into walls that don’t move, trip on completely flat ground with running shoes on, and I knock off unsuspecting jade plant leaves during regular routine maintenance. I manage to do it not once, not twice, but three times all on the same day. – Continue Reading

Jan 27, 2016 pic - product recall 2015 pic

With the intermittent writing, I haven’t been as current with the recall posts as I’d like. Better late than never! Here’s a long list of recent recalls and updates to be aware of:

1. In Canada – Certain Dole brand pre-packaged chopped salads, salad blends and kits and leafy greens and certain PC Organics brand leafy greens
Reason for recall: Listeria. Click here for more details.

Note: a similar recall was also issued in the United States. Click here for more details.

2. In Canada and the United States – Chillafish Recalls Children’s Balance Bikes
Reason for recall: laceration hazard. Click here for more details

3. In Canada and the United States – Britax Child Safety, Inc. recalls Certain B-Safe Infant Carrier Car Seats
Reason for recall: fall hazard Click here for more details.

Note: there’s another Britax recall as well for its B-Ready Stroller and B-Ready Top Seats. Click here for more details.

4. In Canada: The Last Glue recalls The Last Glue® Adhesive
Reason for recall: the recalled products do not meet packaging and labelling requirements for consumer chemicals Click here for more details

5. In Canada: Home Depot of Canada Inc. Recalls Home Accents Holiday 3-Pack Candy Cane Light Stakes Set
Reason for recall: fire hazard Click here for more details

6. In Canada: IKEA Canada recalls LATTJO Drum Sticks
Reason for recall: choking hazard Click here for more details

7. In Canada and the United States: School Specialty Inc. recalls Classroom Select NeoRok Stools
Reason for recall: fall hazard. Click here for more details.

8. In Canada and the United States: School Specialty Inc. recalls Classroom Select NeoRok Stools
Reason for recall: fall hazard. Click here for more details.

9. In the United States: Milky Way International Trading Corp. Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of Nice! Mandarin Oranges in 8-ounce Bottles
Reason for recall: potential glass in products Click here for more details.

10. In Canada: Outset Media recalls Mirari Wee Keys
Reason for recall: choking hazard. Click here for more details.

11. In Canada: Various Liquor Boards recall Chivas Regal “The Art of Hosting” Gift Pack
Reason for recall: laceration hazard. Click here for more details.



Health Canada – how to report a consumer product. If you experience an incident with a consumer product, you need to know how to report it. Click here to read more.

In the United States, if you have a complaint about a particular medicine, medical device, or food product, contact the FDA. Click here to read more.

Stay tuned to We’ll continue to keep you all posted of product recalls and safety tips!

Let others know about these recalls: it!

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Jan 23, 2016
Posted in: Recipes - chocolate bar cookies

Imagine a super duper jazzed up chocolate chip cookie except it’s not a typical chocolate chip cookie because typical chocolate chip cookies are usually too sweet and loaded with chocolate chips. The typical chocolate chip cookie itself is often too sweet and the chocolate chips only add to the sugary madness. No, I’m talking about the well balanced cookie loaded with chocolaty goodness and remember, I don’t even LIKE chocolate.

Imagine a shortbread like cookie chocked full of your favourite chocolate bar crushed into different sized chunks. It’s your favourite chocolate bar so you know it’s got to be good. Add some cookie dough to the mix and you’ve got the perfect pairing.

Yes, ladies and gentleman. I have found my magic cookie dough recipe and it happens to be the dough I made for the thumbrprint cookies. Those thumbprint cookies will forever haunt me but 6 batches later, I also discovered that the cookie dough itself is incredibly versatile.

These chocolate bar cookies are absolutely divine. While I have no intention of making thumbprint cookies any time in the near foreseeable future, I’m pretty sure I’ll be making repeat batches of these chocolate bar cookies! – Continue Reading

Jan 19, 2016
Posted in: Recipes, Thoughts pic - simple smores

Well, 2016 has definitely taken off and is now in full swing. Most of us will have gone back to work AGES ago but I think I’ve finally come to the realization that I’m back at work and the next significant holiday isn’t exactly a stone throw away.


The intermittent writing for has certainly helped with the workload (as you can probably tell by my more upbeat posts with fewer grumblings) but work is still work and well, some days are just more tiring than others.

Children have a hard time adjusting too. They’ve had a few weeks off for the holidays. January comes along and gives them a very swift reminder to get those academic gears moving and grooving again.

Given that we’re all pretty tapped out in January, why not make sweet treats a little simpler? Sure, I could probably turn on my oven to whip up a batch of cookies but on a busy weeknight, I could also easily grab a few chocolate butter biscuits and toast a few mini marshmallows to make the world’s simplest s’more without any effort at all.

My big kid’s eyeballs practically jumped out of their sockets when they saw this little concoction. I discreetly made them as dinner was coming to a close. By the time the dishes were gathered and we were about to have some fruit, I casually brought them over to the table.

Crispy, crunchy, and gooey with a hit of chocolate, I mean, I’m not a chocolate fan and even I like this combination. Maybe it’s because I actually prefer butter biscuits to the graham cracker which I find much too sweet for my liking.

Things to do: embrace the busy madness. Go simple and treat yourself!

Reminder: this post was written by and for only and reflects the opinion of one wee small family. If you see this post anywhere else except on my site at, know that I have not consented to having any part of this post (or this website for that matter), to be re-produced, copied, or re-printed anywhere else. Practice ethical posting!

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Jan 16, 2016 - pure anada natural black mascara

A little while back I made the decision to simplify the ingredients used on my face and skin. Knowing that I have relatively temperamental and sensitive skin I thought it was time to be more mindful of what I plastered on to my face.

Most recently, I fell in love with Pure Anada. I love their chapsticks, their mineral foundation, and now I’ve fallen in love with their mascara. I purchased the Pure Anada Natural Mascara at my local health food store and oddly enough, it was roughly the same price (if not cheaper) than many big brand mascaras.  I mean, the answer seemed pretty obvious to me! – Continue Reading

Jan 12, 2016 - mysterious benedict society

Everyone knows Harry Potter and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but how many people know about the Mysterious Benedict Society? I certainly didn’t and my big kid certainly didn’t until we chatted with staff at our local bookstore. We’ve already read a number of Roald Dahl books and we were interested in extending our book choices but Harry Potter seemed a bit intense and mature for the time being.

The recommendation: the Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart. If your child is between the ages of 9 – 12 years, this is one series that can’t be missed. – Continue Reading

Jan 8, 2016
Posted in: Recipes, Thoughts - thumbprint cookies - batch3

The New Year is moving along and what better way to start the year than to tell you all some good news about those dreaded thumbprint cookies that I made during the holiday season. If nothing else, these thumbprint cookies have reminded me that hard work and perseverance really do pay off in the end.

Take a look, that pic above was from my third batch of thumbprint cookies.

Not bad, huh? – Continue Reading

Jan 4, 2016 - sprinkles and coloured sugar cookies

Over the holidays, I picked up some sprinkles and coloured sugar to decorate the baked cookies my daughter and I made. There was a bit left over and my big kid asked, “What should I do with it?”

My response, “I don’t know, whatever you want.”

Her response, “Can I put water in the bags?”

I agreed and away she went but what happened next was quite the little instantaneous science experiment. Next thing you know, I hear her yell, “EWWWWWWWWWWWW” because this is what she saw when she filled the bag of sprinkles with water. – Continue Reading

Jan 1, 2016
Posted in: Thoughts pic - nature 2015

Happy 2016!

Can it be? Yes it is. 2016. The first day of 2016 and I couldn’t be happier. Winter Solstice has come and gone which means Spring is right around the corner, at least by my calculations which is exactly why I used that summery pic for today’s post.

How was 2015 for you?

Funny. Ask me how 2015 was and I can’t say I remember all the details. I mean, my memory seems intact but many of the details have faded into the background. The feelings are there, of course, the anxieties, the aggravation, the joy, the love, all that stuff but details?

Can’t say I remember much which is partly why I like writing for If nothing else, 10 years from now I can look back and read about all the things we’ve done, all the products we’ve tried, and all the funny quips that happened along the way.

Any updates I can share with you at this point in time? – Continue Reading

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