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Aug 30, 2013

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Back to school food safety reminders, blender blades that snap and break, salmonella covered parsley in bird food, and the recall list goes on and on….

Recall: Baby Jogger Car Seat Adaptor Reason for Recall: because not everyone installs them properly and now, ‘oops!’, the child could be falling, falling, falling, falling…. I didn’t even know what a car seat adaptor was until this recall came along! Over 6000 units sold in Canada and over 23000 units were sold in the United States which means I may have had no clue about these things but obviously a bunch of other people do! Click here for more details.

Recall: Do you own a Vitamix blender? Reason for Recall: The recall isn’t for the blender per se as it is for select blades used with the Vitamix blender. Apparently, on goes the blender, around and around go the blades and oops! Crack crack break break go the blades! That’s kind of scary. Click here for more details.

From the FDA: What about all that caffeine? When I was growing up, caffeine only came in chocolate, coffee, and tea. Caffeinated energy drinks and snacks just didn’t exist back then (and I’m no dinosaur). Read this post from the FDA about what’s going on with all this caffeine. Click here to read more.

FDA Recall: Goldenfeast Bird food Reason for recall – Salmonella from the parsley that’s in the bird food. Well, that’s nothing to squawk at especially when you look at all the affected items. Click here to read more.

Health Canada Reminder: Back to school time – watch out for those school lunch allergens! Back in the days, I could go to school with a PB and jelly sandwich (again, I am not a dinosaur but look at how much has changed). Nowadays, as parents, we have to be extra diligent about what we send to school. Click here to read more.


Health Canada – how you can report a consumer product. If you experience an incident with a consumer product, you need to know how to report it. Click here to read more.

Stay tuned to We’ll continue to keep you all posted of product recalls and safety tips!

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